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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Grill a Porterhouse Steak

If you are looking for the vest flavor then a porterhouse could be a perfect choice for you always. Things even get better when you cook it properly because it will hardly need any flavor but instead will be tastier just as it is. With such a large cut of meat, you must get to know how you are going to grill your porterhouse steak properly and at the same time know how to know the right grill for you such as the Weber Spirit II E-210 that you are very certain will help you cook your food well. Overcooking your meat may make you lose so much especially when talking about the flavor of your meat. As you cook, you can always decide to use an oven or you can opt for a grill such as the Weber Spirit II E-210. However, to get the most desirable results, a perfect grill like the Weber Spirit II E-210 will do. There are other aspects that you should take into account when grilling your porterhouse. Below are some of the important tips that you need to know about when grilling a porterhouse steak

To start with, you need to how to choose the right grill. A good grill should have features that enable temperature control as well as plenty of space as it is with the Weber Spirit II E-210. Another thing that makes these grills better is the fact that they distribute heat evenly. Porterhouse is normally thick but with such good grills, you are still very sure about getting the best results as you grill using the Weber Spirit II E-210.

You also need to do a lot of practice to grill a porterhouse steak well. This will greatly depend on your preferences. However, with all that, it is still important to know some key grilling tips especially if you are going to use the Weber Spirit II E-210.

You also need to learn to season your steak properly. Seasoning your cut with salt and pepper will always make things better for you in adding taste. You can then brush the steak with butter or oil to add more flavor.

The last bit that you need to know is how to reverse sear the steak. The best method that is commonly used by most people and has always given the best results is opting to do the searing of the cuts of meat first before cooking overheat.

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